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Apart from complete furniture and ready-made sets, we also offer separate furniture frames of various types. The shop offers wooden structures in the form of drawers for washbasins, armchairs, tables, footstools, chairs and many other products of everyday use. The main advantage of these raw products is that they can be adjusted to your interior in any way you like by choosing the right colours.

Thanks to the frames available at MG MEBLE, it is possible to create your own practical, comfortable and colourful space at home or in the office. Moreover, most of our products can be extended with additional furniture frames and upholstery accessories, adding character and design to the whole piece of furniture. For example: unusual Swarovski crystals shine, flicker and break the light creating incredible reflections. The use of real crystals makes both furniture and upholstery finishes shine with real light. A great solution can also be the selection of the right fabric for a given frame. Fabrics for upholstery offered in our shop are also perfect for curtains.

Upholstery accessories
Compatibility of individual upholstery elements, a wide range of choice of durable furniture structures and high quality of workmanship make our offer very popular among all those who value comfort and functionality at work or at home. All frames and upholstery accessories offered in our shop are made of high quality materials, so you can be sure of their reliability. We provide a wide range of furniture frames of various types and professional advice on choosing the right model.

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